BEFORE & AFTER n°8 - Hallway


Presenting new concept design for a problem, that a lot of us is dealing with – a long and narrow hallway. Outdated furniture, dark floor and a ton of doors were not helping this space. Our concept was to make it cleaner and brighter.

Before & After, Poke studio, notranje oblikovanje
Before & After, Poke studio, notranje oblikovanje

The inspiration for this project were light and bright spaces, with something 'extra' that would  lift our selected grey scale palette. Clean lines mixed with details from old town houses and industrial lights were the way to go.

Materiali in barve, Poke studio, notranje oblikovanje

We removed the carpet flooring, textured white wallpaper and all the furniture and doors. That, gave us a blank sheet for a new and fresh concept. Because the hallway is so long, we had to make it appear shorter – we did this by laying tiles between the wooden floor and make it look shorter. For a special touch we surrounded the tiles with a gold inlay.

POKE studio, Notranja oprema, hodnik
Poke studio, notranje oblikovanje, hodnik

Because of the high number of doors, we decided to change them with new white ones, that go from floor to ceiling. This trick makes the impression that they are part of the wall. High skirting boards and old theatre seats give a special character to the room.

Hodnik, notranje oblikovanje, POKE studio
Hodnik, Poke studio, notranje oblikovanje
Tloris, notranje oblikovanje, POKE studio

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