Here is our June color topic and you will learn even more about PANATONE MARSALA 18-1438.  Masala is a reddish-brown hue, a cherry-chocolate that, according to Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman, “has an organic and a sophisticated air.” And while black has perhaps become overused and expected, Marsala has “a vintage but neutral feel, which evokes pleasant memories,” she says.


Marsala is an incredibly versatile colour. A red with heavy brown tones it’s unusual in its ability to both stand independently as a strong, vibrant, succulent colour and also to act as a neutral. Unlike primary or secondary colours that can clash, Marsala works with anything. Pair with flesh tones and  grey as an accent colour or let it melt into the background, becoming moody and sensuous with black and dark greens.


Using Marsala in your home is quite simple because it’s such an earthy and grounded colour, it acts like a neutral while waking up any space!  We also love how gender neutral it is- giving us the ability to thread it through an entire project. 


The combination that we truly love, is this one between Pantone Marsala and muted green shades. It is a very unique color combination that brings an ethnic and exotic interior athmosphere.


A lot of the trend forecasts from Europe in recent years have been calling out darker, richer and moodier palette for homes. Combine plum violet , marsala and darker shades of blue for a romantic atmosphere.

NAPIS 3.jpg

Mix Marsala with creams and other rosey tones for a lovely new look. Marsala and natural wood is a very warm and rustic colour combination. Just add some white to the combination to make it a little bit more contemporary and fresh.

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Hopefully you got some new inspirations and guidelines for your Marsala inspired June!

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