Many people find winter to be a dark, cold and except Christmas or holidays times they cant wait until the spring finally shows its flower buds. But on the other side there more pople that it is a season of cozy evenings, so it is only appropriate to get in the hygge mindset. One of first things you can do is to create the ideal environment to practice hygge in, meaning lots of candles, cozy blankets, and loungewear. 

Among all the items that can help you to create that hygge vibe, throw blankets are one of the most important that will make your time on the couch as sweet as can be.

We made a selection of top blankets from three suppliers H&M Home, ZARA Home and Maisons du Monde. 

hygge - poke - studio - 1

H&M HOME selection (from left to right):

1. H&M Soft blanket 29,99 €

2. H&M Bouclé blanket 49,99 €

3. H&M Soft blanket 29,99 €

hygge - poke - studio - 2

Maisons du Monde selection (from left to right):

1. Maisons du Monde, SYRIUS Jeté en coton jacquard 125x150, 59,99 €

2. Maisons du Monde, LOUISE Jeté en coton jaune 130 x 170 cm, 39,99 €

3. Maisons du Monde, BEAVER Jeté berbère en coton beige 160x210, 69,99 €

hygge - poke - studio - 3

ZARA Home (from left to right):

1. Zara Home MOHAIR BLANKET 99.99 €, REF. 3588/004,

2. Zara Home PLEATED COTTON BLANKET 59.99 €, REF. 3636/004,

3. Zara Home PAISLEY COTTON AND WOOL BLANKET 89.99 €, REF. 3638/004,

Here are a few more tips how to find a perfect blanket for yourself:

  • Quality Materials: wool, cotton, microfiber, or fleece, as those tend to be the warmest fabrics.

  • Easy Maintenance: fleece, microfiber, and cotton are typically washer- and dryer-safe, whereas wool is a thicker and more durable fabric that offers less ease of washing (though, the wool blanket on this list is machine-washable).

  • Hypoallergenic: even if you don’t have any sensitivities, there are still many benefits like for example comfort, helps you to get more sleep and it reduces dander.


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