This year went by so fast and we really tried to give youa good content that will educate you and give you some good tips and tricks.  We went through all of our posts and look at our most popular ones, so the only appropriate thing is to have a short review.

Our most popular post was BEFORE & AFTER: mini kitchen.

We had a client that needed help with kitchen renovation. The kitchen itself was really tiny, only 6m2 big. In original condition the layout was very impractical and did not have enough working space. The refrigerator was withdrawn into the hallway so the kitchen triangle did not work (refrigerator, washbasin, oven).

Our mood board was based on light color tones and natural materials. To read the whole blog post click here.

Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 16.21.52.png

Second most popular post was about our favourite project that we have named Helen.

The apartment was designed for a young, artistic, cosmopolitan family of four  and the inspiration for each room was driven from its inhabitants mundane lifestyle. The client wanted the apartment to be vibrant, visually interesting, colorful and full of life without being over the top. The choice of colors, materials and all the furnishings were vital to achieve a delicate balance. There is a bright and subtle color palette, brightened up with pops of deep royal colors: green, blue, burgundy, purple and gold. It is a mix of antique and contemporary - from stucco details to the modern velvet Beetle dining chairs designed by Danisg brand Gubi. To see the complete project click here.

Last but not least of our top three blog posts of the year was BEFORE & AFTER: living room.

The living room is the place where friends and family gather to spend quality time at home. Therefore it's important that it is functional and well designed. This family living room was calling out for a makeover that would match the family’s style. The clients are a middle aged couple with a passion for art, artisanal work and nature. Now that the kids are grown up and moved away they finally found the time to create their deserved oasis. The client wished for a bright, cohesive, modern and functional living room, that compliments the rustic character of the house with its stone walls and terracotta floors. Mixing modern with eclectic pieces was also our main inspiration. The see the whole blog post and final result click here.

Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 07.52.21.png
Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 07.52.27.png

We hope you have enjoyed reading all of our blog posts this year. We promise that for next year we are preparing something really special and we can’t wait to reveal it all to you in January. To see it first keep on following us in all of our social media profiles.