As you probably already know, POKE made Living coral the star of this month. Pantone’s Living Coral is generating a lot of buzz in the fashion and decor industry and it’s easy to see why. Coral is the best of both worlds, with the energy of orange paired with the softness of pink. It is a very energising color that brings a nuance of impact to enrich the house with personality and charm. We made a selection of 5 items that can bring a touch of freshness into your home. Hope you like it!


1. MAISONS DU MONDE, Ice - coral scandinavian-style chair with solid oak

2. THE PRINTABLE CONCEPT, Coral abstraction, art print

3. H&M HOME, Cushion with pompoms

4. URBAN AUTFITERS, Crosley UO Exclusive Coral Canvas Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

5. GAN RUGS, Japan rug, coral - hand knotted rug

When it comes to bold colors it is easy to get scared of using them in your home. Here are a few tips to consider when you embark on this journey:

  • Pair Living Coral with warm neutrals, browns, blues, olive green or dusty earth tones. Gold details are also a perfect match.

  • If you’re not sure about committing to a vibrant accent color, start small with two or three throw pillows for your sofa or some new tabletop decorations.

  • If you decide you like this color, don’t go overboard. Especially if this is your first time experimenting with color.  There is no need to buy a large piece of furniture or paint an entire wall in order to introduce this energising hue into your space.

  • Always keep in mind your comfort level when it comes to color, your personal aesthetics and how Living coral might fit in with your existing pieces. You just might not be a “living coral kind of person”.

Hopefully you find this color as inspiring as we do and it will bring some energy into your home this February.

If you would like to incorporate living coral into your home and don’t know how to do it, feel free to contact us in the form below.

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