Lighting is playing a very important role in our homes. Especially in these moody dark November days. Because our theme of the month is Hygge, we will try to show you how you can get a warm and cozy atmosphere using the right lighting.

Candles, fireplaces and fairy lights are the ones, that will bring the ultimate Hygge atmosphere. Soft, warm and twinkly light will warm up even the coldest nights.

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Scandinavians are also not the biggest fans of the overhead lighting, so choose floor, wall or table lamps instead. But make sure that when you need to lighten your room for work it still needs to be bright enough. And these is where the dimmers become very useful. With dimmers we can choose the brightness of the light that we need at that exact moment. But nowadays we can also get dimmers that can switch between cool and warm colour of the light. For cozy Hygge nights we definitely recommend warm colour light that reminds us of candles or fireplace.

POKE STUDIO, interior design, notranje oblikovanje, hygge

When it comes to Hygge also don't forget about outdoor lighting. Fairy light, lanterns or happy lights will bring some extra magic to the inside as well.

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